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Here you will find more about the support systems for communication and skills development, as well as messages from our members.

About Goalist Vietnam

We asked the members of Goalist Vietnam!

What's nice about Goalist Vietnam?

What's nice about Goalist Vietnam?
in working style
Flat human
A corporate culture
that encourages
taking on challenges
Many people are positive
and never give up

Why did you join Goalist Vietnam?

who work together
Japanese language
skill improvement
with no experience
Interested in
the development
technologies used

Communication Support


Once a month, we talk with team leaders about the previous month's feedback, the next month's plan, and what kind of technology they want to learn in the future.

Dinner Party

This is a system in which the company pays for a team dinner or drinking party once a month.


Once every three months, we hold a kick-off at Goalist Vietnam, where we announce company-wide policies.

All Hands

Weekly information sharing and value meetings are held jointly with the head office. Even though we are far away from each other, we are closely connected as members working together.

Morning Meeting

Members of each project gather for a 15-minute morning meeting every day. This is a time to check the progress of tasks and discuss any problems.

Weekly Meeting

Once a week, we all get together to make a presentation on the values and talk about each other's ideas.

Skill-up Support

The 20% Rule

A system that allows employees to spend 20% of their time studying the skills they want to improve.

Study Sessions

Online study group sessions are held for engineers. Here you get an opportunity to learn a wide range of basic and advanced knowledge.

Japanese Study Group

This is a system to support Japanese language learning by practicing online conversation with Japanese members.

Professional Support

This is a system to promote the acquisition of skills and language learning for the voluntary learning and growth of each member. We support the purchase of books, etc.

Recommendation Award

Once a month you cast your vote for a member who you think has performed well for that month, and the member with the most votes receives an award.

Annual Awards

Once a year, we present awards to members who have performed well during the year. There is also an award for the person who has challenged themselves the most and grown the most during the year.


We welcome all backgrounds. And as long as you believe in your abilities and show your will of learning, Goalist will give you opportunities, challenges, and tools to develop yourself.

Joining with us and you will have an amazing team, a comfortable working environment and extremely friendly co-workers:))

I used to work with Japanese customers, and truly I felt a little scared because of high pressure. But after I've joined Goalist, I see a new aspect of my working path. It's less pressure, but more interesting than I felt before. Although there are a lot of challenges, it makes me eager to learn more valuable things from people at Goalist. I found Goalist by chance, and if you're like me, just give it a try!

If you want to improve yourself both skills and human qualities. You should join Goalist to achieve your GOAL. In Goalist you could train your development skills, Japanese, and also your soft-skills with Goalist's 8 values which bring success to Goalist.

Goalist Vietnam is a workplace where people are friendly and pleasant, where you can exercise your abilities and strengths, and where you have a lot of freedom in how you work. When you join Goalist Vietnam, you will need to get used to talking about values in Japanese. Especially since there are a lot of meetings to discuss business with Japanese people every day, you will have a chance to practice as a facilitator or prepare minutes of meeting so that your Japanese can grow.

Welcome to Goalist Vietnam for those who want to improve their IT skills and Japanese language skills!

Here at Goalist, we can provide a working environment where you can develop yourself in many aspects. Via the company's various projects, the employees can explore new technology knowledge while having the chance to improve foreign language skills (Japanese and English) at the same time.
The company also values their people and their quality over the rush of the projects, so we can also have time to acknowledge the company culture as well as our values to be a decent and professional business-working human.

If you want to make the most of your abilities, come to Goalist Vietnam!
If you are motivated enough, there are many opportunities to challenge yourself at work here at Goalist.
We are looking forward to your growth and success.

Think, make a plan and start acting on it !!!